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This is your chance to live life to the fullest. After years of devoting time and effort to your job, now is an excellent moment to pursue your interests. The problem is that shifting from a working to a retired lifestyle can be challenging, leaving some retirees feeling unmotivated and aimless.

Shield Your Startup Through Business Insurance

Making the decision to become an entrepreneur is one of the most liberating and challenging decisions you will ever make. As the founder of a startup, you are suppose to make difficult decisions and endure several ups and downs, all while dreaming for a better future.

Motor Hub 

I earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance from the University of London, followed by a master’s degree in accounting and finance from Oxford Brooks.  For four years, I worked in the tourism sector as a manager and as the director of marketing for a well-known international company. I was pretty much confused and depressed when calamity struck in Covid and we lost our jobs, but the notion of Motorhub provided me with a glimpse of hope.


The idea of digital innovation started back in 2015. Inspiration came from the constantly evolving world around us, and Digitrends was created to manifest the idea. We created a full stack development company to cater to all sectors’ digital requirements, including healthcare, technology, education, automotive, and finance industry. So far, we have built a team of 150+ engineers, developers, content, marketing, and design experts that help us grow higher and fulfill our dream every day.

   Little Feet

When I started my journey , I knew it was not going to be easy at any level .I had two choices, either to work for an organization or build on my own and cherish my passion .


“Everything we have done is for you. From launching new designs, to coming up with entirely new categories, such as fragrances.”