The $350M deal may help Pakistan’s start-up scene

The web hosting company Cloudways, founded in Pakistan, was recently acquired by a company based in the United States. The partnership will likely boost the profile and morale of Pakistan’s tech startup founders.
A cloud-based hosting provider founded by a Pakistani has been acquired for millions of dollars, causing a flurry of celebration among entrepreneurs in the South Asian country, despite recent difficulties for the start-up ecosystem there.

Pakistan’s Technology Firm Wins ‘Forbes Asia’s Best Under A Billion Dollars’ Award

Systems Limited, Pakistan’s information technology firm, made history by becoming the country’s only tech firm to be named ‘Forbes Asia’s Best Under A Billion’ for the third time in a row. Forbes Asia recently published its annual list of the top 200 Asian-Pacific companies with consistent top and bottom-line growth and less than $1 billion in revenue. Systems Limited is one of 75 returnees who outperformed across all performance indicators and metrics. This award highlights Systems Limited’s long-term viability, innovation, and consistent financial and business growth.

A ‘cable fault’ causes an internet outage

Many people in Pakistan’s northern and central regions, including those whose livelihood depends on uninterrupted internet service, recently experienced massive internet outages due to a technical fault in the Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL) optic fiber network.

Avalon Introduces Pakistan’s First Technological City

valon has launched Pakistan’s first technological city, Avalon City Islamabad, for people looking for economic residences that are also environmentally friendly. The project’s goal is to provide residents with advanced technological solutions to solve their daily problems and keep them entertained with advanced services such as 3D theaters, virtual theaters, Wi-Fi trees, electric bikes, and other tech-based smart living solutions.