Telenor Pakistan assists companies in reaching new heights

Companies all around the world are adapting to a quickly changing work environment that relies on technological products and services to provide a better customer experience. Telenor Pakistan created Telenor Business Solutions last year to keep ahead of the curve and suit the evolving demands of businesses across the country.

Telenor Business Solutions was created with the goal of improving the business performance and competence of organisations in every industry. It provides partners with the tools they need to confidently face the future. Telenor Pakistan recently teamed with Daewoo Adda, Pakistan’s fastest growing trucking platform and a Daewoo Group connected company, to develop a custom enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to manage and automate a variety of business activities.

Daewoo Adda’s powerful tech platform and cutting-edge IoT solutions enable firms and transporters of all sizes to address crucial difficulties through their successful operations across the country. Telenor’s multi-platform application unifies load matching, freight booking, dispatching, and delivery services in a USD$34 billion market that is otherwise fragmented.

Telenor Business has always been a big portion of Telenor’s corporate clients. Its complex range of goods and services provide organisations with the resources they need to operate efficiently and dynamically for years. Telenor Corporate’s cutting-edge ERP solution for Daewoo Adda is an integrated and centralised system that helps manage and automate CRM, Sales & Invoicing, Accounting & Finance, human resources, and other business activities, allowing companies to become more cost-effective and productive.