The $350M deal may help Pakistan’s start-up scene

The web hosting company Cloudways, founded in Pakistan, was recently acquired by a company based in the United States. The partnership will likely boost the profile and morale of Pakistan’s tech startup founders.
A cloud-based hosting provider founded by a Pakistani has been acquired for millions of dollars, causing a flurry of celebration among entrepreneurs in the South Asian country, despite recent difficulties for the start-up ecosystem there.

US-based DigitalOcean Holdings has acquired Cloudways, a company with Maltese registration that actually does its backend development in Pakistan, for $350 million.

This acquisition ranks among the largest ever made by a Pakistani technology service provider. Rafay Gadit, a director at the parent company Gaditek Group headquartered in Karachi, tells TRT World that several of Cloudways’ founders work there.

We share the excitement of everyone else, but at this time we have no comment regarding the deal or the company.

Cloudways, founded in 2012, provides simple online tools for managing cloud servers, and has amassed a customer base of over 75,000 users since its inception. Many of these users are small businesses.

The speed and dependability of the company’s customer service are two of its greatest strengths.

After the bankruptcy of Airlift in July, which was seen by many as the poster child of Pakistani start-ups, tech executives in Pakistan hailed the acquisition as a boost for digital newcomers.