The Covid shutdown in Shanghai has been expanded to the entire city

Following a new wave of Covid cases, Chinese authorities have expanded their lockdown of Shanghai to include all of the city’s 25 million residents.

Initially, separate controls were in place for the eastern and western parts of the city, but now the entire city is subject to indefinite limitations.

Shanghai is the most heavily fortified city in the world.

For more than a month, the key financial center has been fighting a new wave of coronavirus infections.

The number of reported cases has climbed to moreover 13,000 each day, while this is still low by international standards.

According to residents in some parts of the city, the stringent policy meant that no one was allowed to leave their housing blocks, even to get vital supplies.

Due to a paucity of supplies and delivery personnel, they reported issues buying food and drink online, as well as restrictions on when customers can place their purchases.