The Dos and Don’ts of Social Media

In this age of digital media; brands and businesses are in more focus than it was ever before. Considering the market; the importance of customer service is the key to the growth of your business. The importance of interaction with customers, and satisfying their queries over the internet is something that cannot be taken for granted.


1. While posting the content on social media; make sure 80% it should be relevant to customers & 20% about your products or services.
2. Instead of posting randomly, you should have a social media strategy along with the media planner & proper scheduling of the posts.
3. Timings are important. Do track your posts optimization and try posting on different timings. In a week or two, you will get to know the results from consumer insights tab.
4. Always refine your audience on and off. Do engage yourself in analyzing posts and responses. Keep an eye to understand, what people are saying about the content you are sharing.
5. Develop an SoP while sharing the content on social media. It will look like a checklist before hitting the button. Check for any grammar issues. Your links should be working and a lot of other creative checks are required.
6. Customer support can make or break a company. Always respond quickly towards any query of the customers, it builds an environment of trust. Be concise and clear in your answers to the queries save time for both. Start with greetings and end on a thank you note with a smiley.
7. Understand which social media platforms work for your products and services. Don’t waste your energy & resources on those platforms which are not driving your sales. Just because everyone else is on Twitter does not mean you need to be. However, you need to research it.


1. Marketers pay more attention to private messages and often neglect the comments. As a result, most of the complaints are ignored and unanswered.
2. It is a big blunder to like your own posts. In order to get organic likes and comments, ask your team to like, share and comment.
3. Do not be varying. Develop the same strategy and style of dealing with the customer you find online and a customer who accessed you through the phone. Deal equally, answer queries with the same attitude.
4. Studies showed that excess of everything is bad. Do not share too much information as it will annoy them and your page’s unlike rate will go up.
5. Do not avoid negative reviews. If you get negative feedback from a customer, it is important to turn it around as quickly as possible. Because of the power of social media, one unhappy customer could have a big impact on the way your company is viewed.
6. Don’t be a know-it-all, and never reply affirmatively in the comments. Give leverage to the people so they express without any hesitation. More comments mean more engagement.
7. Do not delete or neglect a negative comment. Try to get him/her offline through private message, email or phone call. Ignoring and neglecting can lead towards losing more customers because bad comments if not acknowledged timely create a negative image of your company.