The Key To Job Creation

According to a World Economic Forum report, Pakistan ranked 126th out of 140 countries. Another survey of the Human Development Index report says, 60.3% of Pakistan’s population lives on under $1 a day. While the so-called lawmakers performing like contractors & transporters since 2012. The current government is claiming the change through reforms in the education system, employment, health, courts, and police. But the common man like me does not feel this change at the operational level. 

Let’s say if the change is happening then the politicians should know that their route is too long to bring prosperity to the BELOVED country. 

The current economic policy is based on foreign direct investment (FDI) and that is outdated now. Times have been changed. We are living in a very fast and dynamic world. Countries are now going to shift from economic to socioeconomic growth. The slow-paced policies will not work. The unemployment rate is drastically going up in Pakistan. 

While China, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, America, and throughout Europe, economic systems are not dependent on foreign investments. All of these countries have prominent and central Enterprising Ministries and institutions. They are empowering their people through entrepreneurship and bringing prosperity and social justice within 1 to 2 decades. 

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Employment creation will absolutely solve all the problems. And it can only be created through startups and a culture of entrepreneurship. If the government is lacking the initiatives, then I would like to request the investors and venture capitalists to study and analyze the startups all across Pakistan and show confidence in them. Today’s startups are the big companies of tomorrow and they are waiting for your support to scale up their business startups.