The Story of Pluton – Passion leads to Purpose

It is said that, “Great minds produce successful entrepreneurs, and successful entrepreneurs build up giant enterprises.”  Today, Pluton has an array of IT solutions that provides its services across the globe. They are committed to delivering the best state-of-the-art technologies to their clients. Pluton’s unique selling point is its blockchain development department. The department comprises highly skilled blockchain developers.  The IT company possesses a prominent position in a world marketplace but building a startup has never been an easy feat. One requires to conquer his challenges through strenuous struggle and positive vision.  In this journey Ajaz Ali Agha’s (CEO of Pluton) was the person whose sheer hard work, diligence, motivation, consistency and dedication led him to the roads of development and success. Let’s delve into this inspiring story and lift our spirits to fly high in the business world.

   Ajaz Ali Agha’s (CEO of Pluton) deep conviction and desire led him to establish an IT empire. Having hands-on experience on eclectic IT platforms like Human Resource Information System, Hospital Management Information System, decentralized ERP for armed forces, and especially working on one of the most lucrative and unique school-based teaching videos platforms gave him the idea of setting up his own business. But entrepreneurship comes with hurdles and impediments. Yes, my fellows, he encountered financial constraints and employee retention. After conducting a feasibility study, he managed to launch his first brand with the help of his very own savings done from the school-based mobile app. His initial project of Mobile application turned out to be a money-spinner, but in the end, the project was plagued due to the low technological adaptability of the market. The project was not able to create a large user database. The company was now in a grave situation due to the financial burden. Employees ran out of salaries. He didn’t have any viable alternative to run the business. Consequently, the company nearly shut down. 

 To mitigate this problem, he joined a top-notch software house as a head of the Project Management Office because this was the only Hobson’s choice he had. Simultaneously, with all his resilience, he hired a single seat in a co-working space to restore his business. The amount he earned as a Head of PMO, he invested that fortune in his single-seated office space. This makeshift solution to his business salvaged his business condition, and in 8 months, it grew to 4 seats and transformed into an IT empire. Aijaz Ali Agha named his dream company Pluton. 

During this struggle, there were numerous job offers for Aijaz Ali Agha from foreign countries, but he declined. Aijaz Ali Agha’s ultimate goal is to serve his country with his diverse skills. At Pluton. Ltd employees strive to leverage Pakistan’s IT industry in the international market. The IT sector of Pakistan generates the highest number of remittances, so the more our IT sector thrives, the higher our economy flourishes. 

The question now is, what is the lesson that this struggle has taught us? Despite the odds and hard times, Aijaz Ali Agha (CEO of Pluton. Ltd) thrived because of his steely determination, perseverance and skilled team. Remember, hardships and adversity teach the value of determination, perseverance, and hard work. The path to success is paved with hard work. It’s quite easy to become engrossed in your new business and focus so intently on what you’re doing that you lose sight of what’s going on in your sector. The past will teach you valuable lessons, but you must constantly keep your eyes on the future. This will enable you to create a firm that will not be left behind.