These 10 Business Ideas Can Make You A Millionaire

According to Javed Chaudhry, all the businesses in the world rest on Four Pillars. Market, Machinery, Raw Materials, Training, and Investment. Dimple Khanna was a renowned Bollywood actress who began her fame of glitz and glamour at the young age of 16. She got married to an equally famous celebrity they separated after 9 years of marriage. Dimple Khana’s enterprising spirit opened a beautiful avenue to earn a luxurious living she set up a Candle Workshop of her very own and uses her fame to sell them! YOU too can set up an industry of candle making in just PKR 50,000! “How?” you would ask! Let’s see what a celebrated life coach, Javed Chaudry has to say about this matter in his recent video! 

According to J. Chaudhry, all the businesses in the world rest on Five Pillars:

Where you would sell your product Machinery. Where would you find the machinery you would need to make your product? 

Where would you get the raw material from?

Where can you get rain to make that product?

How much finances would you need Mr. Chaudhry has 10 ideas which would require only PKR 50,000 as an investment to make you an industrialist and set up your dream to run your own business for a living that would not only be sufficient but would surely flourish. 

To make this magic all you need is wax, molds, fragrances, and colors all of which are readily available in most of the cities in Pakistan. To get yourself acquainted and trained on the “how” part of candle-making, just Youtube! To sell these delicate things of beauty, you could set up a small shop or even sell them online. One could potentially earn millions from this venture all you would need to do is create a variety of colors, intricate designs,s and customized artworks for the buyers. 

To set this business up, again you would need only a few things. A medium-sized oven, a few utensils, cocoa powder, and sugar! Youtube can again be a source of the most sophisticated to most easy techniques from around the world. There are many opportunities where you can get training about the art of making chocolates. This product would sell itself at weddings, birthdays, the new year, and all other celebrations. Sell them through a small bakery of your own or even online trick is to focus on the packaging be creative print photos of the customers, wrap it up, or even bake the cakes into interesting and attractive shapes. This venture would earn you a lot through only a little investment. 

This venture would need much less than PKR 50,000 to set up. The boundaries are none in terms of how creative you can get in this. Make incense sticks or dip soft cotton balls in fragrances and package them, or even dry sell homegrown and dried sweet-smelling potpourri in tins that would last a long time! The whole country is a market for this. Selling this would be convenient by placing them in high traffic stores or even online

In our market, only limited juices are available very mainstream and usual. You can experiment and make juices that would not only be healthy but also delicious. Try berries, or go healthy by using bitter grouds and beetroot, or a mixture of exotic tropical fruits! If you think you can make several kinds of lassi which is most popular in Pakistan. You make these and supply them in gyms, offices, and homes of health-conscious customers who look for such products but cannot find them yet. If you cannot set up a shop try setting a stall outside a park and watch nature make wonders for you. Hospitals and even universities are potential markets and all you need is a juicer blender other than your fresh fruits and vegetables. 

The next business idea is that of selling seeds for flowers and vegetables. One could easily procure these seeds from around the world the internet has several websites from where we can get information on businesses that sell seeds. Once procured these seeds can be packaged in beautiful containers and sell them online. Saplings and young plants can be bought from local plant nurseries and can be sold further on. This venture can be started from the very rooftops of your houses! Our readers, if try it, growing and selling just Tulips would create wonders for them people venturing to try and own a business in Patoki would fare so well from growing and selling exotic plants and flowers considering the favorable conditions. 

These first two are expensive vegetables while Aloe Vera is a miracle plant! If one has around 2 canals of land, get the seeds for these plants, get onto Youtube to learn how to grow them, and begin! Sell them online and avoid the hassle of having a brick and mortar shop the major cities of Pakistan are very lucrative markets for these products. The imbalance of supply and demand of these items can enable an entrepreneur to earn millions only just by supplying to hotels and restaurants. 

Heeling those who would like to live more! There are over 10 million people who are physically disabled among them 4 million are bound to wheelchairs, 1.5 million are from well-off families. These people would like to live a normal life, they would like to go shopping, visit cinemas and eat out in restaurants. A business equipped with wheelchairs and people to guide these individuals through the rush and help them get a wholesome experience would earn a lot. There are a few startups already doing this and introducing such a venture in Pakistan is still an opportunity to be explored. 

The next idea is to produce pure ghee and honey! Package it in attractive boxes and jars! It is simple and very lucrative. In this time of all things, artificial people seek out products that are natural and pure. This business could expand to organic eggs, homemade butter, and jams along with local spices and lentils! This business can make you rich within a year. The raw material for these are readily available across the country, machinery is unneeded and the demand is evergreen! 

Another idea that needs only a very small investment is organic and naturally produced. Youtube is a great source to learn how to make natural masks, scrubs, hair oils, and serums. Once that is in your bag customize bottles and jars and you are all set for an online business. Not only that there is a big possibility of showcasing these products in stores and beauty shops. This trend is booming across the world raw materials are available in Pakistan, machinery is not required and the demand is flourishing, what else would an entrepreneur needs! 

Finally, the tenth idea is to set up a food cart it would again require only a small investment while the return could be larger than those earning Ph.D. degrees! Use the content on Youtube to set up a cart, wear a chef’s uniform and begin. An adventurer could start with French fries, burgers, boiled corn, and hotshots! A few utensils and raw materials are all you need with a little training this could be your doorway to success.