This Metaverse ‘Mogul’ Has Bought 2 Million In Virtual Land And He Is Ready To Make His Move.

Co-Founder And Ceo Andrew Kiguel Said, “Several Big Names Are About To Be Part Of An Online Fashion Show” On The Virtual Plot, As Reported By CNBC. Fashion Labels Like Tommy Hilfiger, Cavalli, Elie Saab, Dolce & Gabbana, Etro, And Fragrance Company Paco Rabanne Have All Signed Up To Participate Starting March 24. 

The Show Will Be For Three Days. The After-Party Will Be Sponsored By Mercedes-Benz. Decentraland Is A Different Kind Of Nft. Here, You Must Use A Form Of Digital Currency Called Manna, Which Can Be Purchased Only With Bitcoin Or Ethereum. 

Users Can Then Go To The Site To See What’s For Sale. The Parcels Have Been Purchased Already, But Many Are Available Secondhand. The Price Fluctuates Just Like Real Estate In The Physical World.

“The Museum District Has A Whole Bunch Of Nfts And Things On Display, So When You’re Walking Through, It’s A Little Bit Like Being In A City, You See A Building Here You See Something Else There,” Says Kiguel.