Today, the government will release the Pakistan Economic Survey 2021-22

On Thursday, the federal government will release the Economic Survey of Pakistan 2021-22, a pre-budget document that shows a solid 5.97 percent GDP growth rate, a bigger Current Account Deficit of over $13.7 billion, and a mixed trend of performance by key macroeconomic indicators over the year.

According to official sources, the survey will be presented to the media at a press conference here, which will also include a review of Pakistan’s economic progress in recent years.

The survey will emphasise the key elements of the current government’s policies, which are aimed at restoring macroeconomic stability and placing the economy on a growth path.

The survey would look at the growth and development of all major economic sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, mining, fiscal development, money and credit, capital markets, inflation, debt, and liabilities.

The macroeconomic indicators indicated good performance during the year, therefore most of the targets established for the upcoming fiscal year 2021-22 appeared to have been met or even exceeded. Some areas, including as the balance of payments, foreign direct investment, and the budget deficit, however, performed below average during the year.