US has agreed to assist Pakistan in reaching an agreement with the IMF

In the midst of a standstill over the IMF’s criteria for reviving the $6 billion loan programme, Washington has “agreed” to assist Islamabad in negotiating a deal with the lender, according to a Daily Daily story published Monday.

Following rumours that senior Pakistani officials met with the US envoy in Islamabad last week, this development has occurred.

Despite the government’s harsh decision to withdraw subsidies on petroleum goods, talks with the IMF have failed, and the Fund continues to insist on doing more, despite the fact that Islamabad has become a “desperate borrower” due to a lack of foreign currency reserves.

Top official sources told The News on Friday that the IMF staff had not yet shared the first draught of the Memorandum of Financial and Economic Policies (MEFP) with Pakistani authorities, which is a requirement for moving forward with the signing of the staff-level agreement because it serves as the foundation for both sides to reach an agreement.

Finance Minister Miftah Ismail and State Minister for Finance Aisha Ghaus Pasha met with the US ambassador to discuss.

It was said in the publication that it would not be adequate since Islamabad would have to establish ‘contacts’ with US Treasury high-ups in order to muster the necessary support after developing a framework on which both parties could make progress toward signing the MEFP treaty.

“No one could help Pakistan without broader agreement on the basis of the framework,” the person said, citing an example in which once the framework was agreed upon, Washington’s assistance could only be sought on one or two crucial outstanding issues between the two sides.