VMR Lines – Pakistan’s leading specialist Box Operator

Press Release

The Management of VMR Lines i.e. Mr. Rehan Khan and Mr. Zahid Majeed visited Westport Malaysia, a seaport in Port Klang.

The objective of this visit visit is to gain more knowledge about the Free Trade Zone concept as well as the latest information and operations in Port.

The delegates from VMR Lines were given a tour to observe the port facilities and services available to support the shipping industry.

A brief presentation from Westport team including Ms. Juliana Arif and Mr. Ilyas Rahim is given to know the history, current services and future plan of this Malaysian port.

Both Gentlemen from VMR Lines also elaborated and represented the Pakistan NVOCC activities in terms of containers loading/discharging and volumetric impact of shipments from Port Klang to Karachi and VV.