With 160K people listening in, Imran Khan hosts a record-breaking Twitter Space

The previous record of 44K individuals listening in on a K-POP lyrical space was beaten by Pakistan’s former PM’s Twitter Space.

On Wednesday evening, Imran Khan, Pakistan’s former Prime Minister and head of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), went live on Twitter Spaces and set a new record.

Khan’s Twitter Spaces event in Lahore, staged prior of his party’s ‘Jalsa,’ drew more than 160K attendees.

Khan went live on other social media platforms as well, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, but it appears that Twitter was where he got the most attention.

Dr Arslan Khan and Jibran Ilyas of the PTI’s social media team were also present, and Ilyas afterwards tweeted: “Thank you all for attending the historic #ImranKhanLIVE Twitter Space.” We were able to reach 164K+ thanks to @TwitterSpaces raising the limit. The previous record was roughly 57K, which we smashed by more than 100,000. The heartfelt questions and reactions were fantastic!”

According to LetsOTT Global, Khan’s Twitter Space set a new record for the number of individuals that went in Twitter’s history, surpassing the previous record of almost 44K people who attended K-POP star BamBam’s poetic space.

The Salvador Bill Analysis — the crypto bill that saw El Salvador make Bitcoin legal tender — presently holds the third highest Twitter Spaces attendance record, with over 27K individuals in attendance. The soundtrack launch for the film Jagame Thandhiram, which attracted over 18K people, is in fourth place.

Khan’s Twitter Spaces, which has over 160K followers, was also noticed by social media analyst Matt Navarra, who wondered if it was a new Twitter Spaces record, which it appears to be.